If you have troubles studying math and preparing for important exams I am here to assist you by:
      - tutoring
      - organizing your work load
      - teaching how to be successful at learning math
      - scheduling your study
      - motivate you

      I do:

      - Algebra
      - Trigonometry
      - Geometry
      - Discrete Math
      - Calculus
      - Data analysis, statistics and probability
      - Special Mathematics

      What you'll need:
  • A free Skype account. If you don't have one yet go to www.Skype.com
  • A computer with a webcam (most computers have them already built-in)
  • A good internet connection.
  • A quiet place where you can concentrate and focus.

      How we will proceed: I'll be sharing my screen while solving the math problems and explaining all the steps! You can interrupt me at any time if you have any doubts or questions and I will explain to you in details everything.

      What you get: EVERYTHING WITH the complete explanation of the exercises you have questions plus I will send you the files with all we did during the session.

       Feel free to message me with any kind of MATH topic and i will help you learn. We will also discuss the rates, all payments are done through paypal, safe and easy.